Three books I’ve loved reading in lockdown

Roald Dahl said that “if you’re going to get anywhere in life, you’re going to have to read a lot of books”. Which is great news for me, as there’s nothing I like more than getting my nose stuck in a good book. With more free time on my hands, and increased levels of pandemic-fuelled […]

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Let’s talk about FOMO

It’s 8pm on a Friday night following a busy week and I’m in my pyjamas. A night filled of catching up on TV, a couple of G&Ts with my mum and an early night is in store. Sounds dreamy, right? But my anxiety levels are rising, as I begin scrambling around asking every single friend […]

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To the book that made me a ‘runner’

I have to disclose this now, I have never been a runner. Like… in no way, shape or form. I never made it anywhere near the athletics, cross country or in fact any sports team at school, with the main reason for this being that I am just a little bit slow and uncoordinated. My […]

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