Skincare saviours for spotty skin

When I was 14 years old and on antibiotics for a case of v spotty skin, I never imagined I’d be writing a blog post on how to keep those pesky spots away at the ripe old age of twenty three, almost ten years later.

But, here we are, a decade on, and my skin has really seen it all, from doctor-prescribed creams and medication, to homemade apple cider vinegar face masks. Whilst I can’t say that I have glowing, crystal-clear skin, my complexion is definitely the clearest and healthiest it’s ever been, and it’s all thanks to a few miracle products (and probs, also puberty).


Having been scolded by my best friend (and skin fairy godmother) for using makeup wipes as the first step of my nightly skincare routine, I recently switched to micellar water (late to the game, right?). Not only are wipes shit for your skin, they’re also shit for the environment. So, combined with my machine-washable, reusable cotton pads (best purchase of 2019 – find the exact ones I use here ), I can feel really smug taking my makeup off, knowing the planet and my complexion are benefitting. {{Affiliate link below}}.

I use the Combination Skin Micellar Water as my skin is (shocker) combination – dry in the winter months but oily all year round on my T-zone. The Garnier Micellar Water takes makeup off really quickly, and you only need a lil splash of the stuff for every cleanse, meaning the 400ml bottle lasts for months.


My mum and sisters recommended I try the Elemis skincare range a couple of years back, and whilst my skin is loving me for it, my bank account is not so much. At £44 a tub, the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is not one of the cheapest cleansers out there, however I would go as far to say it’s the best I’ve ever used. It smells gorgeous, and thanks to its super oily base, my skin always feel supple, glowy and ultra-cleansed, without drying it out at all. Also worth noting that I’m still making my way through the pot of balm I received for my birthday last October, thanks to only needing pea-sized portions for every cleanse. {{Affiliate link below}}.


Aforementioned best friend and skin fairy godmother introduced me to ‘The Ordinary‘ a few months back – though I don’t doubt I would have found it eventually as it seems like everyone is using at least one ‘The Ordinary’ product in their current skincare routine.

On first viewing the website (and as of recently their counters in Boots wahoooo!), the range looks like a mix between a potions cupboard and a chemists. In essence, it’s really hard to figure what each peptide, retinoid, SPF and ‘direct acid’ does, and to be honest, I could still really do with further clarification on this.

However, trusting the few reviews I read online, and recommendations of friends already using these brand, I purchased a bottle of the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, and some 100% Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil, all priced at between £5-9 per product.

I’m currently using the Hyaluronic Acid morning and night, and the Niacinamide every night (after makeup remover, cleanser and Hyaluronic Acid) and both have cleared my skin up unbelievably, without making it feel tight or dry in the morning. You only need a drop or two of each, and whilst my skin felt pretty loaded with product the first time, both sink in really well overnight.

The Rose Hip Seed Oil I am less sold on, I have to admit. Being naturally oily, the Rose Hip Oil felt slightly too heavy on my skin, and so I only really use it if I’m feeling in need of a pamper or huge surge of hydration (read: hungover).

For such a low price point though, these lil gems are well worth a try, particularly if you can get down to your local Boots counter and get someone to explain to you what the F you wanna be putting on your face.


Finally – gimmeee all the moisture!!!! I’ve only recently started using this moisturiser but I’m super pleased with it so far. Smells delicious, and contains bundles of Vitamin C, known for effects such as brightening, boosting collagen and fighting inflammation. Only £11 at Boots at the moment too!

So there you have it – some skincare skin-spo if you’re feeling in a rut with your own routine.

What are your all time favourite skincare products?


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