Work in PRogress – Issue Three

Hi there,

Three more weeks. Not surprising, but definitely a reality check from the government announcement last night that we will remain in lockdown for another three weeks, at least.

In the next three weeks, continue to cherish daily walks and exercise, revel in becoming armchair quiz masters, and whether it feels fun or boring (or probably both), remember that this is what is keeping us safe at the moment.

Try to be kind to yourself and others, remain grateful for everything you do have in your life, and remember that your worth should never be measured by your personal productivity (let alone during a global pandemic).

And on the really rubbish days when you just can’t shift the shitty feeling, rest up and have a smile at this good boy or a giggle at this very sweary, very silly video.

Stay home, keep safe and stick together – it’ll be over before we know it!

Enjoy this third issue of Work in PRogress!

📩 📩

Abi x

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Issue #3 – Fave PR Campaigns

My fave PR campaigns from the last two weeks…

  • As the biggest doggo lover and Labrador Retriever fan girl of all time, I LOVED this campaign by Protectivity which uses The Kennel Club data to reveal the most popular dog breeds.
  • Following on from ‘Emma‘ the future office worker, I loved this super clever creation of Michael, the future gamer, by Online Casino.
  • Anyone who vaguely knows me or has worked with me before, knows that I cannot get through the day without listening to and/or humming to music, and working from home is no exception. This campaign from Business Comparison on the most popular WFH songs is super topical and the perfect inspo for my own WFH playlist.
  • Brainteasers don’t always get the best rep, but I loved this clever piece of work from 247 Blinds, as featured on House Beautiful, who have created an Easter-themed teaser puzzle, based on one of it’s own products.
    Egg-cellent indeed.
  • I f**cking loved the concept of this campaign by Buzz Bingo which ranks the most foul-mouthed films (geddit).
  • With a baby boom on the horizon, I really enjoyed this reactive campaign by OnBuy which reveals the baby names inspired by Tiger King, Coronavirus and Boris Johnson…2020 really is not going to be one we forget in a hurry is it.
  • Speaking of Tiger King, and not so much a campaign, but I loved this thread by Carrie Rose which examines the backlink profile of the Big Cat Rescue site. Genius.

Develop your skills..

Learn something new and discover useful resources this Friday morn with my fave tips, tricks and informative articles from the last fortnight:

  • For a lil bit of work-related listening, I really enjoyed this week’s SEO SAS podcast episode with Areej AbuAli, chatting all things SEO and imposter syndrome. You can listen here.
  • I found this article by Damian Summers really useful and informative, and will be defo using this post to guide me through link intersecting using ahrefs.
  • I found Will Hobson’s Twitter thread on how to pivot a campaign really interesting and inspiring, and super relevant at the moment, where campaigns might be taking a little longer to land.
  • In stressful times, with businesses struggling, clients under pressure and all of us feeling a little more sensitive than usual, it’s natural to feel more annoyed with clients than you normally would. If you are feeling super irritable, read this article by the wonderful Kirsty Hulse.
  • Digital PRs and SEOs worldwide rejoiced when Paddy Moogan made his Link Building book free to read online. Quarantine reading = sorted.

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This issue’s Work in PRogress – Bethanie Dennis

This week’s Work in PRogress is the wonderful Bethanie Dennis, Senior Content and Digital PR Manager at AGY47 and author of The Weekly PR. Read the full interview with Bethanie on my blog, linked below.

Read more


And that’s it!

Please direct all feedback, suggestions and any events, training courses or campaigns you think should be included in this newsletter to:

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And catch up on other issues of Work in PRogress here.

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