16 things you’ll only know if you work in digital PR

Trying to explain your job to your friends and family when working in the digital PR and SEO industry is difficult, and trying to explain the everyday struggles of a digital PR is even harder. But there are some things that only a digital PR can relate to…

1. When you Google your client’s name after the weekend and a load of new coverage comes up

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2. Waiting for a big warm lead to be published

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3. When they have a ‘no-linking policy’

via Will Hobson

4. When the journo asks for a comment from the client and say they need it ASAP

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5. When you’re waiting for the client to sign off the quote and they’re taking longer than five minutes

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6. When you send a pitch email with a typo but you’re too late to ‘unsend’

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7. Client: “It would’ve been great if this was a follow link

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8. When you get the email saying “We’ve added a link“.

via Will Hobson

9. When they want results like [insert viral PR campaign here]

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10. When you see a #journorequest that is perfect for one of your clients and no-one’s replied to it yet

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11. When a journalist comes back with an unnecessarily rude reply

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12. When it’s been a slow day links-wise for you at work and everyone on Twitter is talking about the banging coverage they’ve landed

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13. When the account manager asks you how outreach is going knowing fully well there’s no links yet

via Louise Parker

14. When you’re emailing a journalist with the same name as you

via Abi Bennetts

15. When you’ve got to do some ideation but you’re just not in the right headspace

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16. When you have to pitch via contact form

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