How to be creative when you think you’re not

Back in September 2019 I presented a five minute talk at MK Geek Night about how to be creative, when you think you’re not.

I’d never felt like a ‘creative’, but just a few months after starting my first job in digital PR I realised that we’re all creative, and that it is a skill to be learned, developed and honed over time.

Having begun to learn about the practices and environments that fuelled my creativity most, I was honoured to share my three top tips to becoming more creative at MKGN.

1. Let it go

Let go of any strict preconceptions of what a ‘good idea’ should look like and let all the thoughts come to you.

2. Inspiration is key

Consume as much content as possible and make a note of everything that inspires you. Set up a swipe file of content, ideas or themes that interest you, and subscribe to newsletters to keep in the loop, such as Content, Curated and The Weekly PR.

3. Set it up right

Establish an optimum creative environment so that you give yourself the best chance to come up with your best ideas. You wouldn’t take an important client call on a building site, right? So consider the time of day and your physical environment before blocking out your diary to come up with ideas, and try to remove as many distractions as possible.

Catch up on my talk and discover my top tips below:

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