Work In PRogress – Issue Twelve

Hi there,

What if today were easy? 

I saw this question posted on Instagram (the home of all great quotes of course) a couple of days ago, where an influencer was explaining how many of us are barrelling through the days in a high-adrenaline, reactive state, ruled by the external factors in our lives.

As PRs, our jobs literally require us to be in this state a lot of the time.

Whether it’s spotting reactive opportunities in the press, or fixing a broken campaign, or replying to 7,000 journalists, clients, devs and colleagues all at the same time, the intoxicating rush of constantly being kept on my toes in a digital PR agency is one of the things I love most about my job.

But it did get me thinking – do I need to spend all day every day in this state? And surely, when switched off from work, I need not be in a perpetual state of busy-ness? 

So this Friday morning, I’m going to ask myself – what if today were easy? Where can I snatch moments of feeling present and calm in my day and catch my breath with a cup of tea?

Here’s hoping it’s soon with some post-lunch biscuits! 

Enjoy issue #12 of Work in PRogress and happy Friday! 

ūüď© ūüď©

Abi x

Issue #12 ‚Äď Fave PR Campaigns

My fave PR campaigns from the last two weeks…

  • This lovely¬†‘Sound of Colleagues’¬†project (which was created by an ad agency and audio branding agency in Sweden) has soundtracked many a lonely day working from home! Discovered via¬†Shaun Hill.
  • I loved this infographic by¬†CDA¬†which reveals the¬†colour breakdown of popular sweets. I’ve been craving fruit pastilles ever since.¬†
  • As you’ve probably already gathered, I adore anything doggy-related and so naturally I’m a big fan¬†this reactive campaign¬†from¬†¬†which details the dog-friendly restaurants taking part in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme.
  • Obsessed with this new campaign from¬†PrettyLittleThing,¬†in which the mega fashion brand have created their own (geniusly-named) gin! Enter for a chance to win one of just 99 limited edition bottles¬†here.¬†
  • Do not open this incredible project, which I discovered via¬†Louise Parker,¬†unless you have 30+ mins spare to sit and click through all the windows from around the world. One of the best things I’ve seen in ages –¬†view here.
  • Finally, I saw¬†this case study¬†by¬†¬†featured on¬†all¬†of the big boy nationals the other week, proving once again that traditional PR tactics such as the classic case study can build links just as well as the trusty infographic.¬†

Develop your skills..

Learn something new and discover useful resources this Friday morn with my fave tips, tricks and informative articles from the last fortnight:

  • I found this¬†Roxhill webinar¬†with¬†Ted Thornhill, Travel Editor at the Daily Mail, really insightful, where Ted revealed some top tips for pitching.¬†
  • ‘Personal brand’ always feels like a bit of an icky word, but it’s something that lots of people are talking about at the moment, and so I really enjoyed this article on¬†how to get your personal brand right¬†by¬†Tom Bestwick.¬†
  • I learned a lot from this¬†super well-written article¬†by¬†George Driscoll¬†in which he explains how to make sure there is enough creative diversification in the campaign production process.
  • Finally,¬†Abby Chinery¬†has analysed 200 of Reboot Digital’s campaigns to find out which emotion yields better coverage results, and¬†the findings¬†are really insightful!¬†

This issue‚Äôs Work in PRogress ‚Äď Rebecca Moss

This week’s Work in PRogress is the fabulous Rebecca Moss, Digital PR Director at JBH. Read the full interview with Rebecca on my blog, linked below.

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