Work In PRogress – Issue Fourteen

Hi there,

A few weeks of quietness on my end due to promotions and birthdays but we’re back baby!!!

Loads of incredible campaigns to dig your teeth into in this week’s issue, as well as an interview stuffed full with digital PR top tips. 

Enjoy and happy Friday y’all! 

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Issue #14 – Fave PR Campaigns

My fave PR campaigns from the last two weeks…

  • Do your breasts slow you down? Sounds like the beginning of a seedy joke, but is actually the question answered by boobydoo, who in their recent research found that having breasts can slow you down by up to 12%.
  • I loved this simple but super effective use of SpareRoom data by CIA Landlord, to reveal the most desired flatmate traits. 
  • Slightly influenced by my current penchant for orange chocolate, but I loved this quick and clever chocolate orange themed bedroom campaign by Club Med La RosiĂ©re. 
  • IKEA smashing it once again with their marketing and this Tomorrow Starts Tonight print campaign was a particular fave of mine.
  • You noticing a theme in my favourite types of campaigns yet? I love me some sound and so highly appreciated this audio data visualisation of the noise pollution in Brussels.
  • A clever use of data in a recent campaign by Heating Force, which reveals which universities are home to the worst landlords in the UK. The data says Southampton but after reminiscing about my third year house in Nottingham I would have to disagree…

Develop your skills...

Learn something new and discover useful resources this Friday morn with my fave tips, tricks and informative articles from the last fortnight:

  • To kick things off this week, I wanted to share an article I really enjoyed about how boredom can help us be more creative. If, like me, you feel the pressure to constantly be churning out great ideas, this might be a comforting read.
  • Time to hang my head in shame for a bit of ~self promo~ incoming, but I had a great conversation a couple of weeks ago with Mark from Talk About Digital. I talk about how I got into the industry, my fave things about digital PR, and what I think needs to change in the industry! You can catch up here.
  • Great digital PR is all about great storytelling. If you feel like you could do with a brush up on your storytelling skills, have a read over Marina Plummer’s slides on how to master the art of storytelling in a digital world here. 
  • I really enjoyed Stephanie Finch’s CMA talk last week, with a particularly great top tip from the talk about how to build category page links being shared on the Propellernet Twitter page here.
  • I loved this top tip from George Driscoll, who advised to listen to the ‘Daily Drive’ playlist on Spotify – personalised to your music tastes, this playlist is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news headlines! 

This issue’s Work in PRogress – Alex Cassidy

My Work in PRogress this week is the hugely knowledgable Alex Cassidy, who is the Digital PR & Outreach Manager at RVU.

You can read the full interview with Alex on my blog below.

Read more

And that’s it!

Please direct all feedback, suggestions and any events, training courses or campaigns you think should be included in this newsletter to: 

And catch up on other issues of Work in PRogress here.

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