Work In PRogress – Issue Nineteen

Hello there,

Happy Thursday and welcome to June’s issue of Work in PRogress.

An issue full of gorgeous illustrations, important articles on burnout in the industry, and some top spreadsheet tips for all of you excel lovers out there.

I hit a mini-milestone with the newsletter last week and wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for continuing to sign up to my ramblings and monthly mish-mashes of campaigns and content.

In a tough year this newsletter has continually reminded me why I love my job and I’m so appreciative that people continue to give it a glance over! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead ✨🔗

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Abi x

Issue #19 – Fave PR Campaigns

My fave PR campaigns from the last month…

  • Summer is here and what a beautiful summery campaign from Roofing Megastore which reveals the colour palettes of the world’s most famous gardens. 
  • I’ve never before been so tempted to apply for a dream job campaign as Psydro’s Bottomless Brunch Tester campaign which launched just as restrictions were lifting. I’ll cheers to that.
  • Football content is everywhere at the moment, and I really enjoyed these cool illustrations from Thread which visualise what football managers would look like if their styles were reimagined.  
  •  Visual Capitalist always servin’ my favourite graphics, and this detailed map of the internet is no exception. (Be prepared to zoom in).
  • Love a good content thread, and this one from Amy Jones presenting a look back at IKEA’s best marketing ads from years gone by was no exception. 
  • Finally, I’m obsessed with these illustrations from Outforia which show what famous landmarks will look like if current climate trends continue. Beautiful visuals raising awareness about a super important issue. 

Develop your skills...

Learn something new and discover useful resources with my fave tips, tricks and informative articles from the last month:

  • I’m pretty sure every single digital PR saw this tweet (and fan-girled over it like I did) but just in case for those who didn’t, check out this brilliant tool from Andrew Charlton.
  • Harriet McCulley continuing to serve us some top data tips on Twitter, this time revealing how to create QR codes in Google Sheets
  • Reporting via Data Studio? I loved these Google Data Studio tips from Abby Hamilton.  
  • With the graduate job market more competitive than ever, Callum Taylor and Nathan Bickerton teamed up to share their top tips on standing out as a grad in the PR and comms industry. We love to see it.
  • I love hearing the thinking and strategy behind digital PR campaigns, and this overview of strategy from Alex Cassidy was a great insight into one of Honcho’s latest campaigns.
  • Another one that many of you have probably seen already but I absolutely loved this article by Gisele Navarro which talks about burnout in the digital PR industry. Such an incredibly topical issue that spans across all industries, and so eloquently written by Gisele. A must-read. 

This issue’s Work in PRogress – Amy Smithers

My Work in PRogress this week is the wonderful Amy Smithers, who is a Digital PR Strategist at Emoov and Mashroom.

You can read the full interview with Amy on my blog below.

Read more

And that’s it!

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